Sunday, 2 August 2009

Happy Dogs in Rembrandts Park


Anonymous said...

Happy dogs indeed!!! They're so cute!

Stephany said...

Hi Spike and Marleen! I got up today and chased the ball, ate bacon with my dog kibbles, and am now very happy to lay in front of a big fan because of the heatwave here, it's 90 degrees today!

woof woof!
your dog buddy,

Koda the siberian husky!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
They are so very happy today after a good gallop round the park and a swim and a game of ball.

Hi Stephany,
Spike and Marleen went to the park this morning where they swam and played ball games then came home and took it easy all day and at 5 pm they ate delicious dinner which was fish porridge.

woof woof woof woof
Spike and Marleen

Thanks both of you for coming by.
Have a good start to the week tomorrow.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

So cute and beautiful dogs !! I loved this post..Thanks for sharing..I am now your follower..Unseen Rajasthan

Herrad said...

Hi Bharat Khatri,

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

Our dogs are very sweet, playful and keep us well entertained.

I look forward to visiting your blogs.

Have a good evening.
ps my daily blog is