Friday, 15 May 2009


Stephany said...

Fun fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute!!!
Many years ago, I was walking along the lake and Spencer was FIGHTING me to get into the water. So I let him dip his toe in, he was okay...he went a little further, but hit a spot where it was deeper and he just plunked down, cold lake water up to his chin. He froze and whined for me! Poor thing! He thought it would be so much fun, but it was a little too cold for him!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
They were so happy when they came home!

Hi Rain,

Poor Spencer, Marleen and Spike love swimming especially Marleen.


Lucy said...

If I could be so lucky to have so much fun. You have the happiest most contented dogs in the world,Spunkys allergies were so bad last year we had to gove him ma special bath and then put a lotion on him. We had to take the glass doors off the tub and before it was all over, Joe was in the tub with his pant legs rolled up and we were both wetter than spunky. Lucy

Herrad said...

Hi Lucy,

I can see the two of you all wet through.

You always get wetter than dogs when you wash them.

Hope it is a good day today.