Tuesday, 5 May 2009



Anonymous said...

Cute photos! It's nice when 2 dogs can share life, they always have a "partner in crime"...the I didn't do it excuse, ha ha. I thought you'd enjoy this little video Herrad: "Winston Bumping Spencer" during one of their walks. It's very subtle but Winston is always trying to dominate!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Winston and Spencer are gorgeous dogs.

They are in great shape, have often seen overweight grumpy pugs that can't run around as they are overweight.

Yours are a good example of fit and happy dogs.

Have a good afternoon/evening.


Anonymous said...

Oh, they weren't always that fit! Those faces are guilt-traps! I used to feed them a lot of table scraps and at one point, they both weighed nearly 30 pounds each - that's the typical fat pug! Actually this video was taken last summer, just before Winston's treatment started for his kidney failure, and he was way too thin at 12 pounds, he's gained about 5 pounds since then, which is wonderful because it means the meds are working.